What we offer

Extracurricular tutoring

Our boarding house works in liaison with various schools and school systems in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area.

  • "Gymnasium" - high school
  • "Gesamtschule" - high school
  • "Realschule" - 5th to 10th grade
  • "Hauptschule" - secondary school
  • "Berufskolleg" - vocational school
  • "Sprachschulen" - language schools

Our school coordinator at TFI and our school counsellors actively coordinate between the individual student and the educational institute.
Our goal is for each student to earn the diploma he or she worked towards.


TFI offers tutorial help in homework and before and after class preparation. Every student is assigned to a tutorial group for afternoon study. When needed extra lern material will be provided. Attendance is mandatory for classes from 5-10th grade. For older students, tutorial classes are arranged on request.

Privat tutorial lessons

In addition to our tutorial groups, privat lessons can be arranged upon the need of the student. In this case a tutor will be chosen to accommodate the special needs of the student. TFI places spezial emphasis in the subjects of German, mathematics, and English.

Our boarding house offers 10 rooms for privat and group tutoring. This enables students to learn in a quiet and undisturbed atmosphere. Three of these rooms are equipped with computers and internet. They may be used by the students for research and extra educational help.

Recreational activities

We understand that a rich boarding experience must include a variety of fun and educational extracurricular activities. Recreation, along with structured social opportunities enhance a healthy and rewarding atmosphere at TFI.

We offer weekly activities as well as occasional events and day trips. More information can be found under Accomodations.

It’s our policy that students participate in daily life at TFI. Our structure permits them to assume certain responsibilities.

Our boarding house facilities:

  • Pool and dart room
  • Beachvolleyball/bolle area
  • Computer room
  • Media room
  • Fitness room
  • Community lounge
  • Foosball table
  • Girls club
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis
  • Ping pong

For special offers such as soccer or competitive swimming students can use the recreational facilities located nearby.


Our mentors are actively present for the students throughout the year including weekends and holidays. We at TFI monitor and guide each students academic progress as well as their emotional guidance. Because many of our students return home for the weekends and holidays,an extra arrangement is organized for the students who stay for the whole week or over the holidays at TFI.

Every student is assigned to a resident teacher who is there to help them in their daily activities.


TFI has a dining hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Morning and evening meals consist of a cold buffet offered by our qualified kitchen staff. A warm, catered lunch is served with a choice of different main dishes. Our kitchen staff work closely with the students to plan their meals. In addition TFI offers two kitchenettes in which students can use if they wish.