Family & Health

Family, children, career, caring for dependents, the ever changing demands of family versus occupational responsibilities calls for adequate resources. In order not to lose our own orientation, we require sources of strength in our every day lives and in our leisure time.

These allow us to re-charge our batteries and are also intended to provide preventive effects. This influences the well-being of the family as a whole, thus not only promoting our own personal health but also maintaining a harmonious co-existence within the family.

Health is our strength

Health prevention and family-oriented health management have a special status and significance within the Family Academy, this is due to the historical origin of the Family Academy and the close cooperation with the Florence-Nightingale Hospital. The Family Academy offers a variable, holistic and integrated programme of courses in a variety of different fields: from leading a healthy lifestyle to issues concerning women’s and children’s health and culminating in stress prevention.

Our courses include amongst other things:

  • Pre-natal Care
  • Baby Care
  • Postnatal Exercise Programme
  • First Aid 
  • Naturopathic Treatments  
  • Yoga for pregnant women
  • Medical Yoga 
  • Yoga  
  • Workout for mothers and babies
  • PEKIP - The Prague Programme for Parents and Children
  • Functional Fitness
  • Qi Gong
  • Dance and Relaxation
  • Stress prevention
  • Cooking Club
  • Lectures
  • Workshops