The Family Academy of Kaiserswerth – The Family - learning to live together

Family life is multifaceted and is full of challenges. Whether this be birth, pregnancy, the bringing up of children, a partnership, marriage, re-integration into work, health or old age.

Each life phase requires individual solutions and well established networks in order to achieve a better balance and satisfaction between family, work and life in general. The Family Academy of Kaiserswerth is an experienced educational partner in Düsseldorf Kaiserswerth and offers a diverse range of courses, events, lectures and workshops with high educational standards and addressing highly important and current topics of interest.

Together with our cooperation partners we will support and assist you as future parents during pregnancy and in preparation for the birth of your baby. We are also interested in assisting you in strengthening your child-raising compentencies and providing you with pedagogical knowledge to promote your children’s learning and educational processes and further to this we also offer advice and support right through to old age. Furthermore we would like to invite you to sessions which include relaxation and reflection, promote overall health and those which create cross-generational networks with others. As a local partner we also provide assistance with difficulties which arise in family life.

As a well recognized educational establishment we adhere to the SGB VIII and the Law on further training in the State of North Rhein-Westphalia and provide preventive support and life long learning in the following areas: 

  • Family and the raising of children
  • Family and health
  • Family-oriented, social and practical skills for life
  • Integration, inclusion und intercultural work
  • Civic, neighbourly involvement

The Familiy Academy in the Fronberghaus

In our new home in Fronberghaus, in a beautiful heritage building with a typical old-building ambience and modern state of the art seminar and classrooms. We look forward to seeing you!

Our facilities which are located on a park like area of the Deaconary of Kaiserswerth are centrally located and barrier-free. We offer a bistro with water, tea and coffee service, a breast-feeding and relaxation room and a parking space for prams.